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BARBOUTI is a traditional and popular game in Greece.  
The game is available on a Greek version and an English version.

At the beginning, one player holds the dice. The other decides the bet. The player who holds the dice throws them. There are 3 possibilities depending on the numbers on the dice.

WINNING COMBINATIONS: 6 6, 5 5 , 6 5 (OR 5 6 ), 3 3.

LOSE COMBINATIONS: 1 1, 2 2 , 1 2 (OR 2 1), 4 4.

The sequence (eg if it is 6 5 or 5 6) plays no role.

If there is no WIN combination or LOSE combination, next player takes and throws the dice. In this game, bet cannot be changed until a player wins or loses.

In this game we added 2 extra features: Capitalist Bank and Sell Watch. You can go there only when you have the dice (and after other player decides the bet if needed) by pressing B and S (or T and P in Greek version).

If you accept loan from Capitalist bank, you will get 2500-5000 depending on luck. 
If you sell your watch, you will get 1500-3000 depending on luck.

These choices affect the <end of the story>, that you will see for each player at the end of the game (or only for you, if its 1 player mode).