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We welcome you at AMSTRAD SAKIS!

Many thanks for visiting my site.

Amstrad CPC is a retro- computer that was started to be used at about 1985 for some years.

Here you can find my little new games/programs for Amstrad CPC (in Locomotive BASIC).

I am from Greece, I am not a professional programmer, I just make these games only for fun, based mostly on the knowledge that I had as a child, 20 years ago, when I was exploring my old AMSTRAD.

Please feel free to contact for anything you would like to ask, suggestions, reviews, or mentioning any problem.

All games are free and are made just for fun.
You will also find some instructions, if you are not familiar with Amstrad emulators, in order to play the games in your computer.

We hope you enjoy your time here and have fun with the games/programs!


More info about Amstrad CPC: