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AMSTRAD SAKIS Physical edition!


AMSTRAD SAKIS Physical edition!


We finally managed to fix our old hardware and some disks and we have now a limited and amateur physical edition!

All disks are formatted with multimark and have an <error> file in each side (in order to isolate the bad sectors), but this only affects the capacity of the disk which is a bit smaller now. All games written in each disk were tested and all work normally. 

All our little games are included in the disk (original Amstrad 3" disk) except the text adventure games <BUDRUMI!>,  <ART WAR> and <BATTLE OF LENINGRAD>.

So, we bought some paper boxes, some stickers for the box and the disks, printed an A4 2 side color manual, and there is a also a sticker as a present.  

The edition is very limited, only 15 disks!

If anyone is interested in this physical edition of AMSTRAD SAKIS games, pls contact via e-mail!

Thank you!