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BUDRUMI is a simple text adventure game. 

In this game, you have to make the correct choices in order to finish the game. You are imprisoned in BUDRUMI, and you have to get out. 

Sometimes you need to press number 4 (if the option exists) to use the object you carry on.
Some other times, when you choose an option, you must carry the correct object in order to have a successful result. 

First of all in the MENU, read the HISTORY, and then INSTRUCTIONS/KEYS.

Controls is just pressing numbers (0-5).

The name <BUDRUMI> comes from the Greek word <ΜΠΟΥΝΤΡΟΥΜΙ> (the word comes from Turkish), and it means in Greek a small dark cell, prison, usually under the surface.

If you find the game difficult, you can go at number 4 in MENU, SOLUTION. There, password is <OFI>. You can see the solution of what you have to do. You can see it step by step only, if you don’t want to see all the solutions.

All photos used are photos from my personal photos, from places I have visited.
In the GAME MANUAL you can see the original photos and the conversion for Amstrad.
I used ConvIMGcpc for converting the photos to CPC, and manage DSK for importing them into DSK.


Available also in Greek and French language!

You can find all versions here:


 Walkthrough here: 


 Walkthrough in Greek:

 Soundtrack (full OST) here: