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ART WAR is a simple text adventure game.

Load the dsk file and then type

Type < run”loader.bas” >

(If you type <run”artwar.bas” you will miss the Intro).

In this game, you have to make the correct choices in order to finish the game.



You can find it here
Available in Greek, English, Spanish and French. 
464 version also  available (no colour/FILL)


Year 1990.

The world is divided into two main camps:

The ASU (Amstrad Socialist Union) and the NGPA (New Generation Platforms Alliancy).

There is a cold war between them, as NGPA wants to suppress and occupy the ASU countries.

In this context, the invaluable painting <Amstradian Excellence> from the famous painter Pablo di Casso was stolen from the ASU central museum by the NGPA secret forces.

The NGPA now exposes the painting in their museum, as loot.

Your mission is to go to the NGPA museum, retrieve the painting and return safely to the ASU capital.


If you find the game difficult, you can load the dsk file and then type run”SOLUTION.BAS”.

The correct steps  to finish the game will be showed one by one, so there is no possibility to see all the solutions altogether while you don’t want to. 


All pictures in BASIC are almost completely drawn using PLOT/DRAW/FILL commands. Pls read the manual of the game for more details about the pictures. 


English walkthrough: 

Greek trailer:

Greek walkthrough:

French trailer:

Spanish trailer: