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(image from, based on a in-game image from Brundij)


 English trailer:



BATTLE OF LENINGRAD is a simple text adventure game (trial/error multiple choice).

Download from:

Load the dsk file and then type

Type < run”loader.bas” >

In this game, you have to make the correct choices in order to finish the game.

Available in Greek, English, French and Spanish.
464 version also available (no colour/FILL)

Please read the game manual first.


WINTER 1941-1942.

LENINGRAD is besieged by the German troops.

The major problem is the transport of supplies for the people and the army.

The only way for transporting supplies is over the iced lake LADOGA.

You must help the general Zhukov in the battle but also in transporting supplies to the city, which is starving. The food portions are very little.

Otherwise, everyone will die due to starvation and extreme cold.



To play this game, you only have to use the numbers (0-5).

Please have in mind that:

When you take an object, the object you were already holding returns to its initial place.

It is important to hold a specific object when you make a specific choice.

Some wrong choices may lead you to dead-end in next points.


If you find the game difficult, you can load the dsk file and then type run”SOLUTION.BAS”.

The correct steps to finish the game will be showed one by one, so there is no possibility to see all the solutions altogether while you don’t want to.

All pictures in BASIC are almost completely drawn using PLOT/DRAW/FILL commands.

Arkos Tracker is used for music, by MANOSSG. SFX from ARKOS TRACKER. Digitized images by BRUNDIJ.


 Greek trailer:

 Spanish trailer:

 French trailer:

 English full walkthrough:

Greek full walkthrough:

OST soundtrack by ManosSG: