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RODOLFO SKYLARRIENTE 1 (THE ARCHAEOLOGIST)  is a simple text adventure game (trial/error multiple choice).

Download from:

Please read the game manual first. 

Load the dsk file and then type

Type < run”rodolfo.bas” >
For the Greek version only, type <run"loader.bas">

In this game, you have to make the correct choices in order to finish the game.

Available in Greek, English, Spanish,  French, and Turkish.
464 version also available (no colour/FILL)



Argentina, 1980.

Rodolfo Skylarriente, an Urugyayan archaeologist, is looking for the invaluable ring of Hittite’s king, Suppiluliuma I.

An archaeologist of Videla’s junta who had stolen it, hid it in an unknown place. So that it could not be easily found, he put marks and instructions in many different archaeological places in the world.

That archaeologist died and took the secret in his grave.

Your goal is to find the ring and return it to the Hittite museum, where it belonged to...

Good luck!



To play this game, you only have to use the numbers (0-7).

Please have in mind that:

When you take an object, the object you were already holding returns to its initial place.

It is important to hold a specific object when you make a specific choice.

Some choices may appear only after you have made some other correct choices.

If you don’t want to see the loading images, press <N> in the instructions section.



If you find the game difficult, you can load the dsk file and then type run”SOLUTION.BAS”. 



There is a BONUS GAME, which is the same for all languages (not text adventure, in another DSK). There is also a 464 version.

Load the DSK and type <run"rodolfo2.bas">


The game is dedicated to the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo.

Good luck! We hope you enjoy the game!


Greek trailer: 

English trailer: 

Spanish trailer: 


French trailer:

Turkish trailer:

Greek full walkthrough: 

English full walkthrough: 

OST soundtrack by ManosSG: