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RODOLFO SKYLARRIENTE 2! (THE ARCHAEOLOGIST)  is a simple text adventure game (trial/error multiple choice).

Download from:

Please read the game manual first (in the manual there are also many links for historical/ideological info). 


There are 2 dsk files, part 1 (disk A) and part 2 (disk B).

Code for starting part 2 is <OFI>. It is shown at the end of part 1. (on greek pls use code <ΟΦΗ>).

For the Greek version only, load the dsk file and then type

< run”loadera.bas” > or < run”loaderb.bas” (depending on if you are on part 1 or part 2)

For English, Spanish, and French version, load the dsk file and then type

< run”rodolf2a.bas” > or < run”rodolf2b.bas” >, accordingly.

To avoid rare <memory full> problems, please load the game after you start the emulator/Amstrad.

In this game, you have to make the correct choices in order to finish the game.

Available in Greek, English, Spanish, and French.  
464 version also available (no colour/FILL).

Runs better in Winape emulator (Winape 2.0 beta 2). 

There is a BONUS GAME, which is the same for all languages. There is also a 464 version. Please restart Amstrad/emulator before running the Bonus game.

Load the separate DSK file and then type <run”rodbonus.bas”>



Nicaragua, 1980.

Rodolfo Skylarriente, the Urugyayan archaeologist, is looking for the invaluable astrolabe of Leon Viejo.

A guerilla Nicaraguan archaeologist, Jorge, friend of Rodolfo, had discovered an invaluable astrolabe in Leon Viejo, and had hidden it so that it could not be found by the junta.

Jorge was murdered by the dictator Somoza years ago, so he took the secret in his grave. 
Your goal is to find the astrolabe and the invaluable notes and deliver it to the Nicaraguan national museum.

Good luck!



To play this game, you only have to use the numbers (0-7).

Please have in mind that:

When you take an object, the object you were already holding returns to its initial place.

It is important to hold a specific object when you make a specific choice.

Some choices may appear only after you have made some other correct choices.

If you don’t want to see the loading images, press <N> in the instructions section.

Please also note that finding the codes act like a checkpoint, as you do not need to do again all these actions that helped you find the codes.


If you find the game difficult, you can load the dsk file and then type run”SOLUTIO1.BAS” (for side A) or run“SOLUTIO2.BAS” (for side B).

The correct steps to finish the game will be showed one by one, so there is no possibility to see all the solutions altogether while you don’t want to. But you may see some unwanted information, as there is not only one sequence of choices in order to complete the game.



There is a BONUS GAME, which is the same for all languages.


You are in Patagonia and you just found a rare ancient object in a cave.
You entered a military base as you were cold. 

But the two guards spotted you and you have to escape.

Be aware of the security system, as it is activated randomly in a circular and horizontal way.

You feel a bit dizzy due to explosions and extreme cold.

 (Pressing <L> in menu offers you 99 lives!)

Have fun!


The game is dedicated to father Oscar Romero, the voice of the voiceless in El Salvador, who was murdered on 24 March 1980 in San Salvador.


We hope you enjoy the game! 


 Greek trailer: 


English trailer: 

Spanish trailer: 


French trailer: 


English full walkthrough: